Our history


In the late sixties of last century Wanders Fires & Stoves was established by Henk Wanders. Above all, a specialist in the field of process optimization and innovation of industry. The brand Wanders does not only reflect advanced development regarding Fires and Stoves but also design and construction of Mobile Chalets, the manufacturing of rope (Touwfabriek Helmes Wellink in Doetinchem) and the production of steel storage racks (Staalbouw Velp).

Decades ago Henk Wanders bought an old farmhouse in the village of Netterden near the German border. He obtained the required permits to start a workplace for metal processing in and around the farm. In the beginning Henk supplied mainly other metal companies. His products were popular because of the advanced technology applied. He was the first in the region to work with laser-controlled machines. Through acquisitions and advanced development the factory expanded steadily. Soon the name Wanders was established within the stove industry. Eventually a whole factory was built that today offers employment to dozens of co-workers.


Steel Factory Wanders, the manufacturer of the brand Wanders Fires & Stoves meanwhile supplies retailers in a large number of European countries. The products of Wanders stand out in their unique appearance. For the Dutch market and other European countries as well, new models are continuously developed. They may not always be conventional but therefore all the more appealing to customers who want something different. For this purpose we ask since a few years more customer involvement (listen to wishes) and collaboration with creative designers. Wanders produces entirely on Dutch soil, in-house.

Social responsibility
Henk Wanders, has dedicated significant efforts to the economic development of the region Achterhoek. He was one of the founders of the technical Anton Tijdink school. An innovative combination of working and learning to prepare students for a successful career in engineering. An initiative widely supported and financially sponsored by affiliated companies. They benefit  from employees with the right qualities. For the students learning a technical profession becomes more attractive. “Learning a lifetime”, is Henk Wanders’ motto. Additionally, Henk Wanders formed the basis of Innovation Centre ICER. For this he was knighted by his Royal Highness Willem Alexander in 2014.

People of Wanders
Providing employment has always been an important value within the company. For the Wanders Group a  dedicated employee can count on a good deal of loyalty. The management firmly believes that such an approach to their staff  finds it’s way to our products that improve every day. As a customer you get the benefits.


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