Onyx, gas stove. Available suspended or at a foot. The foot is available in different models.

The Larix can be installed hanging or with a base as a free standing fireplace.

Deze tunnelhaard is duidelijk ontworpen om twee ruimtes met elkaar te verbinden. Door de grootte en vorm van het glasoppervlak wordt dit al duidelijk. De brander geeft een mooie hoge vlam die goed regelbaar is.


Bent u voor een speciaal project op zoek naar een haard die in een buitenmuur geplaatst moet worden? Dat kan ook met de Douglas. Stelt u zich eens voor dat u zo uw terras met uw restaurant kunt verbinden en extra sfeer brengt!

The Balsa series has been expanded with the Balsa Wall; quite simply a beautiful suspended fire to suit any interior. With glass panels on both sides as well as at the front, you can enjoy the wonderful, homely warmth from all angles.

Gas fire development is an ongoing process and the latest burner developed in-house by Wanders produces the most realistic flames available on today’s market. Incorporated into the timeless model Tali, the finished product is just perfect. Its oval shape means that the Tali can easily be installed in a corner without taking up too much space.

Lenga 800 A

The Lenga 800 A looks magnificent whether it is built into a classic fireplace or a wall. The new burner technology creates a fantastic flame effect.

Lenga 800 AB/AE

Are you looking for a nice big fire that could be installed in a corner?
Lenga 800 generates a lovely soothing heat and a mesmerizing fire.

Lenga ABE

The fire as impressive focal point in your living room, with an excellent view of the delightful flames from all angles.

We have developed new burners for our Lenga models. The new combustion technique creates an extremely realistic flame effect with the flames literally coming out of the logs.

Lenga 500 A

This sleek built-in fire only takes up a little space and is ideal for a minimalistic interior.

Lenga 500 AB/AE

Are you looking for a clean-cut built-in corner fire with lovely high flames ?
Then the Lenga 500, with its realistic dancing flames, is the one for you!

Lenga 500 ABE

The glass on three sides of this in this built-in fire allows an excellent view of the flames from anywhere in the room.

This clean-cut inset gas fire offers countless possibilities. Thanks to its double burner, the capacity of the Danta 800 is easily adjustable.

The optional Ecowave system could help you reduce your gas significantly.

This stylish free-standing gas fire has been designed to radiate homely warmth in three directions. The three panes also allow you to see the fire from anywhere in the room.

The Balsa 100 is the larger version of the Balsa and has the same excellent properties. Both models are also available as a Balsa T version, with a simple thermostat incorporated.


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